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We take pride in the relationships we have with our carriers

We strive to be the “go to” company when you are looking for freight. Carriers and drivers are an essential part of our business.

It’s simple, without you, the world as we know it stops. Everything we touch & consume is hauled by a driver at some point. The trucking community has an enormous impact on the economy. We offer our carrier partners an array of payment options. We pay our vendors within 21 days from the day we receive the BOL/Invoice. We offer automated tracking options to each driver through MacroPoint to avoid talking and driving. We understand safety and being on the phone while driving is just not safe.

Volume makes our carriers this promise: “We will operate our business with honesty and integrity, treating every driver with the utmost respect. We will provide our carriers with all necessary information to perform to their best ability and we will pay our vendors on time.”


To become a carrier partner with Volume, please download our carrier packet.

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